Unsecured Bill

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Unsecured Property Tax Bill - Unsecured bills are mailed out every year no later than July 31st and are due no later than August 31st. Corrected bills are also mailed out using this same form so make sure to check your due dates.

Sale or Disposal - Sale or disposal of this property after January 1 does not relieve the assessee of this tax.

Assessee - The person or entity that is responsible for this bill.

Bill Number - The bill number for this year's bill. Please be careful as this number changes every year. When referencing it always include the year; for example, 2016 12345678.

Situs or Location - The location of the property being assessed.

Assessment Number - A number that the Assessor's office uses to link to a specific assessment.

Assessed Values - Values are determined by the Assessor's office. Please call the number listed here for any question pertaining to the assessed value of the unsecured property.

Full Value - Value as of January 1st as determined by the Assessor's office.

Voted Indebtedness - Voter-approved taxes levied against property.

Total Tax - The total amount of tax due by the date stated. A 10% penalty and collection costs will accrue after the due date. Please include your payment stub with any payment; write the tax year and bill number on your check.

If not paid by the delinquent date - The last date that payment will be accepted without penalty. Payments postmarked or received after this date are subject to a 10% penalty and may be subject to additional collection costs of up to $49.00. Interest may also accrue at the rate of 1.5% on the base tax beginning on the second month after the due date. There is a $33.00 service charge for any check returned by the bank.

10% Penalty After - The date by which payment must be postmarked or received. Please mail early to avoid penalties. Postage Meter Dates are not used to determine the postmark.

Year and Bill Number - Please include this on any correspondence or payment. Be careful as bill numbers change every year.

Assessment Number - The number the Assessor uses to track assessed property.

Payment by Check - Make check payable and mail to the address shown in the statement. Please include your payment stub with any payment and write the tax year and bill number on your check.